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my first fabulous foodie penpal package..!

on March 30, 2012

Well not only have I embraced the world of blogging this week, I have also experienced another thrilling first… my first foodie penpals package courtesy of the lovely Helen @HelenatAardvark of Casa Costello blog fame!

To say I was excited about this exchange is perhaps putting it mildly.. to many acquaintances I am Fee ‘the loud girl’, my husband constantly tells me to use my ‘inside voice’ and according to attendees I bounced down the aisle on my wedding day… so the squawk that I let out when I opened my blue wheelie bin to see a lovingly wrapped parcel (thanks postie for leaving it safe) inside was earth shattering…. *cue singing*.. brown paper packages tied up with string.. these are a few of my favorite things!!!! Excited.com !!!

So… running speedily into the house bags left strewn across the floor I carefully unwrapped my stash, under the watchful eye of the hubby of course who was, I’m sure,  trying to eye up items that might take his fancy.. no chance says I.. these beauties are all mine!

Within a beautiful box that I can now use for storing my recipes in, Helen, cakey bakey godess that she is sent me an intriguing little tube of Bronze lustre, no not eye shadow or fake tan but colouring for icing which I’m sure to use soon on my mission to become a better baker.  Along with this were to lovely little pots of Bonne Maman, one apricot and one honey, a jar of basil pesto, a chocolate transfer sheet and a wonderful cook book for finger food and nibbles… from which I have already tried a few recipes!

I do have to admit however that rather than digging into the honey or trawling through the cook book I was straight over to google.. what the hell was a chocolate transfer sheet!?!?!  Thankfully all was revealed and I will be donning my apron and cultivating my chocolatiering skills in a kitchen near you soon.

I was over the moon and still am.. such wonderful goodies from a complete stranger.  As a child I took part in the occasional chain letter, send your pants in the post kind of caper but this is the first time I’ve actually taken part in this circular style of giving and received something in return.  So thank you Helen and thank you Captain Carol Anne @ThisIsRockSalt for opening our eyes to this fantastic foodie penpals world, I for one cannot wait for next month to both send and receive my foodie goodies.

Until the next time. Over and out.


11 responses to “my first fabulous foodie penpal package..!

  1. thehungrymum says:

    Wow, what a great concept! I’m in Australia, wonder if there’s anything similar here?

  2. What an awesome box. Such a fascinating item…chocolate transfers 🙂

  3. LOVE all the baking stuff you got!! so much fun!!

    • feehatesrain says:

      I have loved taking part his month Lindsay, what a fantastic idea of yours!! I’m so please Carol Anne brought it to us here in the UK and now Europe too.. foodie penpals will be taking over the world before we know it!

  4. Richgail Enriquez says:

    It’s so cool that you got a cookbook, I think I might do the same for the next one. Btw, you sent a lovely package to your penpal, I was just looking at Rock Salt’s post =)

  5. I did that pants thing and didn’t get a single pair through the post! 😦 Glad to hear the foodie parcel has come up trumps though, that’s much better.

    • feehatesrain says:

      Indeed Lorna.. foodie gifts are so much more appreciated than pants!! WordPress is a minefield.. hopefully will have the blog looking nice and pretty before too longg, there just seems to be so many things you can do!

  6. How brilliant is this?! I’d totally forgotten about the pants thing. I did it and never got any either.

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