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Friday night footering in the kitchen… I do love a good curry.

on April 6, 2012

Footering is a verb, to Footer.  Footering is similar to bimbling, moseying, and fannying…. all equally important words in my vocabulary used invariably to describe time used to potter and peruse.  Footering time is that glorious time of nothingness usually between what you have done and should do.. me time, my time and time quite commonly spent in the haven of my kitchen.

Curry, another favorite of mine.  Indian curries, Malay curries, Thai curries, Cambodian curries, curries of any culture are a welcome addition to my table.  Whenever I can I love to play and practise with recipes, ingredients and techniques for creating the perfect curry, tonight being just one of those opportunities.

Tonight’s feast was an easy to prepare Chicken and Coconut curry, a recipe I found in a Good Food mag a while back.  I usually have all the basics in the fridge, chilli, ginger, garlic, onions and spices so today all I needed to pick up was some chicken.

I discovered a fantastic new blog this week, Middle Class Value where the lovely Jo shares tips and techniques for living a full but frugal lifestyle.  With Jo in mind I picked up bone in chicken thighs and de-boned them at home, more than half the price of chicken breast with much more flavour.

Anyhoo, onto the curry of which I have just devoured.. it’s a cracker and easy peasy, well worth a bash.


  • 3cm piece root ginger , peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves , roughly chopped
  • 1 green chilli , roughly chopped
  • 2 onions , roughly chopped
  • olive oil
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 8 chicken thigh fillets, cut into quarters
  • 400ml tin coconut milk
  • 1 small bunch coriander , chopped

Firstly put the ginger, garlic, green chilli, onion and 1/2 tsp salt in a small food processor and whizz to a purée (use a drop of water if you need to bring it together).

Heat a tbsp of oil in a large wide pan and fry the purée for 3 minutes. Add the cumin, coriander and turmeric and cook for another 2 minutes.

Add the chicken and cook for 3-4 minutes until it starts to colour a little. Stir in the coconut milk and leave to simmer for 20 minutes. Stir in the coriander.

In the end you’ll have a creamy cauldron of chickeny goodness, perfect with fluffy basmati rice, garlic and coriander naan and a healthy side serving of mango chutney.

If it’s a Friday and you’re in a hurry

just think of this quick tea of coconut chicken curry

Chuck in some garlic, ginger, chilli & spice

Blitz in a blender til its smells really nice

Fry up the paste til it sizzles and spits

then add in the chook and brown just a wee bit

tip in the coconut milk and give it a stir

after 20mins, add coriander and you’re ready to serve.

Enjoy kids!



4 responses to “Friday night footering in the kitchen… I do love a good curry.

  1. I’m so glad you started a blog, I love your writing!

  2. Me :) says:

    Thank you for the plug!

    I too love curries and you are so right chicken thighs are so much more tender and tasty for this sort of recipe, and so much cheaper.

    This looks very tasty 🙂


  3. thehungrymum says:

    Footering! What a great word – may I borrow it? I can almost smell that yummy scent of ginger and garlic frying….

    • feehatesrain says:

      You are more than welcome to use it, it comes in handy constantly! The small was delic, the results didnt last long though.. time to find a new recipe to try! 🙂

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