but she loves everything else…

Who is Fee?

Fee is me…Hello!

After a few months of playing on twitter and shamelessly scoping out lots of wonderful bloggy hot spots I have decided to take the plunge and publish my ramblings in cyberspace… will people read my rantings?!… I have no idea but I’m jumping in feet first excited to see where this new journey might take us.

I say us, that’s me and you, the reader….that is if I welcome any readers, I do hope so… so to me, yes that’s right About me.. that’s the point.

I’m Fee, 30 something and Scottish, married to a lovely kiwi (man not flightless bird). I love to cook and eat the results of aforementioned cooking, travel near and far and snowboard.. my sport of passion.. never happier than when in the snow with a hot fondue on the table! I am a tea lover not fighter but have been known to have a stand off for the last spoonful of sticky toffee pudding. Love baking and BBQ-ing, feeding friends and am a sucker for a really good curry.

So the blog lets go…dive bomb is ready…3, 2, 1 and jump……


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